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Easy Bedtime Stories, your kids imagination comes to life!

Do you want to quickly create a magical bedtime story tailored just for your little one? Look no further! Our unique bedtime story generator will send your child on a journey filled with wonder, adventure and the sweetest dreams.

We inspire imagination

Imagine your child's excitement as their choosen characters come to life in a magical story! Our stories are carefully crafted to captivate young minds, inspiring their imaginations and lulling them into a peaceful slumber. With a simple and soothing storytelling technique and carefully chosen words, your child will be embraced by the gentle arms of sleep in no time.

A fun bedtime routine

Connect with your child in a simple and fun manner by crafting your childs bedtime story together and discussing which equipment might be best. Extend the stories to suit in length and avoid the 'just one more story' trap.

Why us?

We provide a simple yet flexible way to connect with your child, inspire imagination and provide a smooth transition to sleep time.

Fun & Connection

Enjoy those last moments in the day with your child while jointly crafting a story.

Age appropriate

Our stories are specifically created for young children with a simple plotline and friendly theme.

Dark Mode Reading

Let nature do it's work. By reading in the dark children get used to going to sleep when the lights are out.

Custom, Custom

Your child gets to pick and choose: Characters, Equipment and Location. Simple to pick, but a new adventure each time.

Story Extensions*

If one chapter is not enough, simply extend your story with 'What happens next?'

Save your stories

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Name your Characters*

Create the stories with custom names for your characters.


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